Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reasons for Hiatus and Some Sketchcards

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I had several pages completed and ready to post but they were lost when I upgraded my operating system. I printed some of these pages so I'll try and scan them and add them later.

I'm working on a major re-launch that will hopefully be on the site soon. In the mean time enjoy some sketch cards of Golden Age Public Domain Superheroes that I did for the Summit City Comic Con in Fort Wayne, IN. I was a guest artist at the con and had a great time. Here's there site

From left to right: Green Mask, Samson, Bulletman, Fighting Yank,
Dynamo, Blue Beetle, Bozo the Robot, and Captain Future.

From left to right: Daredevil, Captain Freedom, Catman, Owl,
Atoman, Captain Flash, Flag, and Captain Red Blazer.

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